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These personalized wooden signs are the perfect way to announce your new baby to the world! Use for pregnancy announcements, photo props or birth announcements! 


This handmade wood sign is beautifully engraved with a way to announce your baby's name, stats and arrival so you can easily share it with family and friends. It also makes a cute decoration for their nursery!



-These wood signs are approximately 8 inches across by 9 inches high.

-Wood is a quarter inch thick.

-The name is made with 1/4inch acrylic

-The first name will be in acrylic and the second/third name will be engraved in wood



-This item is intended for props and/or photo purposes only! They are not intended for play or to be put in a childs mouth and must be used under adult supervision.

-All wood my vary including lighter or darker coloring, knots or other inconsistencies present in all wood may be apparent as well.

Wooden Sign - Baby Stat Board - script

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